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Getting to and from destinations in a Lexus 300h is certainly a luxury in itself. Its smooth, refined and posh interior is certain to give you the ultimate travel experience in Toronto, Missisauga, Oakvile, Nigara Falls, Milton and the provinces of Ontario.

Our ES 300h is adequately appointed inside, with easy fit bucket seats, simple instrumentation, quality materials, and quietly graceful decors. There is adequate room in the back seat, and remarkably low noise levels make it feasible for back-seat commuters to communicate with those up front without yelling.

Spacious for its class, our ES 300h is a great vehicle to travel, and commuters seated in the rear have adequate room to stretch their bodies. There’re also high-quality appointments, extraordinary build quality you would anticipate from a Lexus. Of course its exceptional fuel economy makes it the best in its class.

Our Lexus ES 300h is ideal for

  • Point A to point B transfer
  • Airport transfer
  • City tour
  • Toronto sightseeing
  • Corporate transfer
  • Wedding transportation
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